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Gülce Durmaz is responsible for all operations of our company in her role of Company Director.

She has 22 years experience in manufacturing, quality and laboratory departments in food industry. She completed sensory olive oil tasting and sensory analysis trainings of ONAOO-Italy and Instituto de la Grasa-Spain, and she has worked as olive oil tasting specialist and trainer since 2008 when she successfully completed sensory tasting panelist qualifications. She is a ISO 17025 Lab Accreditation trainer and consultant.

She worked for Kalite Sistem Laboratories for 17 years, starting in the role of Chief of Microbiology Lab and held the position of Director of Operations for 10 years. She held the position of Production and Quality Engineer and then Quality Control Manager in Maret A.S. between 1997 and 2001; where she worked as an engineer and manager in laboratory, sensory evaluation, ISO 9001, HACCP implementation and plant hygiene. Gülce Durmaz is a graduate of Middle East Technical University Food Engineering Department and she completed her post-graduate study in Food Microbiology in the same department.



Sinem Bahtiyar is responsible for sales and marketing operations of our company.

She has a total of 22 years experience in sales, marketing, lab analysis and  and team management in industrial hygiene, food&beverage and laboratory services sectors where she worked in engineer, manager, trainer and consultant roles. She has 17 years experience in sales management.

Before she founded KARMA GRUP, she worked as Country Sales Director in Merieux NutriSciences Turkey, Country Sales Manager in Hypred Duraner and District Manager in Ecolab Turkey where she gained extensive experience in B2B sales. Before that, she worked in implementation of quality and laboratory departments of Migros Turkey between 1995 and 1997. Sinem Bahtiyar is a graduate of Trakya University Food Engineering Department.




Hadiye Çadırcı is responsible for consultancy, audit and training operations of our company in non-food sectors (cosmetics and detergents).

She has extensive experience in production, regulatory, product safety and quality departments of non-food sectors.

She held the positions of Food Safety Department Responsible and Private Label Non-Food Products Manager in Quality Management Department of Migros Turkey for 8 years.

Hadiye Çadırcı graduated from Ege University Chemical Engineering Department in 1986.



Asiye Efe is responsible for consultancy, audit and training operations of our company in food and packaging sectors.

She graduated from Hacettepe University Food Engineering Department in 1991. She completed her post-graduate study in Food Microbiology in Istanbul Technical University Food Engineering Department between 1991 and 1996, where she also worked as Research Assistant. She completed Dairy Products Processing Program in IPC Livestock Oenkerk Institute, Netherlands in 1997.

She has 26 years experience in consultancy, training and supplier audits of Quality and Food Safety management system implementations. She is a Lead Auditor in BRC Food ,BRC IoP, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 systems.

She worked in implementation and execution of quality management and food safety management sytems in packaging industry (Polifilm Packaging and Delta Plastics) and food industry (Evren Catering, Özgür Dairy and Taciroğlu Dairy). She worked in audit projects and food safety trainings in ISACert and Kalite Sistem Laboratories.

She currently works for KARMA GRUP in consultancy and training activities related to quality and food safety management system implementations and management of audit projects.


Our team consists of food, chemical and agricultural engineers, veterinarians, chemists, biologists, technicians and technologists who are experienced in food, agriculture, restaurant, fast food, catering, detergent, cosmetic, personal care, industrial hygiene, environment and retail sectors.

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