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HACCP Training – Online


With the HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Training, the basic principles of the food safety management system to eliminate or reduce the physical, chemical and microbiological hazards present in food facilities, are shared with the participants.

The objective is to provide information to the experts of the companies to gain skills in establishing a new system and/or to further improve the systems that they have established before.

In our country, HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points system mentioned for the first time with the “Regulation on Production, Consumption and Control of Food” published in the Official Gazette dated 09.06.1998, where it is not exactly named as compulsory. As of 15.11.2002, it has been made compulsory for food companies to apply the HACCP system.

Experts who want to work as an auditor of standards recognized and approved by GFSI, must participate HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Training and get a certificate.

This training is based on the CODEX Alimentarius principles.


HACCP and the history

HACCP Terms and Definitions

HACCP Food Safety Team

Pre-requisite programs

Product definitions

Determining the Designed Use of the Product

Creating Product Flow Diagrams

Verification of Product Flow Diagrams

Potential Hazards, Hazard Analysis and Determination of Control Measures

Identification of Critical Control Points (CCP)

Determining Critical Limits for CCPs

Establishing Monitoring Systems for CCPs

Creating Corrective Action Plans

Establishing Verification Procedures

Documentation and Record Keeping

Review of the HACCP Plan

Group Work: Identification of Products

Group Work: Creating flow charts

Group Work: Identification of Hazards

Group Work: Risk analysis

Group Work: Preparation of HACCP plan

Group Work: Validation, verification and development of the system


PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Professionals who are working already or aiming to work as food safety management specialist in food companies and logistics. Employees and managers of food companies, food producers who want to get basic information about HACCP and/or update their knowledge.


TRAINING PLACE: İstanbul- Online

INSTRUCTOR: Zühal Başaran

CONTACT US : info@karmalt.com

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